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  • Continuations and Coverings
  • Maori and Polynesian
  • Pointillism
  • Realism

Paramedic tattooing

  • Scar covering
  • Scar lightening
  • Nipple and hair reconstitution
  • Micropigmentation


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Tattooing Course

  • Tattooing techniques
  • Consulting and workshops

Henna tattooing

  • Temporary tattoos


  • Piercing and jewelry

Tattoo school

Our studio

Our tattoo studio has an image gallery about tattoo history, its influences and origins around the different world cultures.
Since 2006, Rogério Muzzi gives personalized classes about tattoo and piercing techniques, preparing and training responsible professionals.

Our course

The course is directed for those with skills in arts and design. His focus is to teach the necessary techniques for tattoo making, biosecurity and sterilization training, equipment use and maintenance, pricing, customer service, studio managing and administration.

Henna tattoing course is free.
Chance to practice on the studio.
Pay up to in five installments with credit card.

This course is made in 60 hours with 50 hours for practicing with materials (included with the course) and finishing certification. After finishing the course we offer consulting and support to our alumni.
This course is directed to teach body modification techniques and tools.

Henna tattooing is a technique for tattooing without perforating the skin, with a creamy ink which is absorbed and therefore is temporary and lasting for a maximum of two weeks and restricted to black ink.

Our artists

Rogério Muzzi


Tribal and modern tattooing
Tattooing since 1998, Muzzi sought knowledge in their seasons in Spain and Brazil. In 2004 inaugurated Dr.Tattoo Studio in Belo Horizonte and in 2006 started to teach the tattoing art.
Carina Ribeiro


Passionated for art since she can remember. She created her own "Dot Tattoo" mark in order to disseminate her tattooing work that, for the most part, have the technique of pointillism.

Tattoo history

Tattooing first arosed among tribes and clans, as a distictive group factor. It is estimated that this ocurred at least 3500 years ago. Another tattooing use was to highlight the events that markes life stages, including birth, becoming a warrior, puberty, reproduction and death.
We can't talk about the Old School without talking about Sailor Jerry (1911-1973), one of the precursors of the traditional style. Sailors, Marines, errants and rebellious people were the courageous members of the first tattooed levy. So it's not hard to understand why anchors and ships appear so often in Old School tattooes.

Rebelliousness, personality, history. These words can define the meaning of tattooing among us. Nowadays has become a symbol of body art. With the different techniques, purposes and outcomes obtained in different moments and places around the world, in all the continents, tattooing is not gross anymore, but a design with finer lines and varied colors.


Tattooing, or dermopigmentation, consists in making permanent drawings in the skin by fixing pigments (usually mineral) in the subcutaneous skin layers with needles.

The first steps for making a tattoo are: preparing the body part to be tattooed. Usually the skin hair is waxed or shaved, and then the skin is disinfected with antiseptics and alcohol. Then, a "matrix" with the tattoo design is pressed against the skin to be tattooed. And then the tattoo shape is drawed using an electric tattooing machine, and then the tattoo is colored.

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